File Update 12.02.2021

Hi everyone!

The Merchants:
Lately we have been making sure our new Mythic Merchants got settled in and that things are running well. It’s been so exciting to see so many new faces and what direction they’re going, as well as having familiar faces continuing to stay merchants. A welcome to everyone on this round two and we’re excited to follow along :blush:

We’re still taking in more Mythic Merchants, so if you have considered selling physical prints, then maybe you should read more here: (In case some of you are wondering, we did make a Patreon tier first but it had a flaw as a subscription plan, so we’re running it from our own site now!)

Note that we are limiting the Merchant tier and will close off for new subscribers on the 1st of March. :clock1: We may open up for new spots periodically later on.

File Updates:
We have had requests of making a couple of handleless versions for the Mythic Mugs, and they are finally here! Re-download your files from the webshop or find them in Google Drive if you’re a Kickstarter backer! You now have a more handy version of the Paladin mug featuring no ‘wings’, as well as a simple Wizard mug with no handle. The Lion’s Brew has also been updated and comes in a version without the Lion face, in case you want to put your own flair on it! (just remember that remixes are fine for personal use but can’t be uploaded!).

Finally, we soon have exciting news to share! We’ll unveil the mysterious black silhouette on the 14th of February, along with two brand new models! You have been teased for the coming teaser! :smiley: Stay safe everyone, and see you soon! :purple_heart:





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