Charms Core Bundle

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Get your free Charms to complement and decorate your favorite Mythic Potion!

This product includes the following items:
– Dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 & D20
– Ingredient: Bone, Eye, Tail, Fang & Tooth
– Tag: Oval, Trapets, Rectangle, Rectangle Cut & Worn
– Text: Drink me, Eat me, Open me, Roll me and Throw me
Files are compressed as .zip-files and needs to be unpacked to retrieve the STL-files.

These are digital STL-files. If you are interested in purchasing physical products, please visit our Mythic Merchants.

The Charms are a decorative addition for each bottle, to give it the final touch. They can easily be printed in 2 colors.

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