Potion of Time

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You used the Potion of Time – don’t mess up the timeline too much!

Potion of Time comes in two versions: combined and where the bottle and the clock hands are seperate.
Every file can be printed support free!
>> For more details, check out the Potion of Time Overview.
Files are compressed as .zip-files and needs to be unpacked to retrieve the STL-files.


UPDATE 1: Added a peg version and remade the roman numerals as there was an error with the order of the numbers.

The bottle and ring of clock hands are two separate pieces, designed to interlock and make them rotatable.

Choose one of three options to print the Potion of Time:
1: Print in place, the two pieces are interlocked permanently (combined).
2: Print pieces separately and press together with force. Locks together permanently. We received feedback of this working, but we can’t guarantee it will work for everyone as print settings and filament varies a lot (press fit).
3: Print pieces separately and lock them together. Can easily be disassembled again (peg).

If you print the combined model, keep an eye on the first few layers and assure there’s no “elephants foot” happening so the two parts accidentally fuse together. We experienced a single point that was fused together, the first layer where the nozzle starts and stops the layer, which could be separated carefully with a sharp knife.

The lid prints in two parts, attach the ring into the sockets one at a time.


The Potion of Time was community chosen and part of the Mythic Potions Kickstarter. The idea was suggested by Timothy Loatman who you definitely should check out! His Instagram is full of gorgeous models that he prints, paints and even designs himself. Everything of DOOM, which the small skulls on the potion bottle is a reference to 🙂


These are digital STL-files. If you are interested in purchasing physical products, please visit our Mythic Merchants.

A Mythic Potion is designed to be a dice container. If printed on 100% scale it should be easy to fit a regular sized dice into the bottle neck.
The amount of dice each bottle can hold varies due to different sizes and shape. But each bottle is able to hold a regular DnD dice set of seven dice.
The Potion Lids are only compatible with the Mythic Potions, but can be screwed into an adapter to fit the Mythic Mugs and Dice Boxes.


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