Special Potions Stretch Goals Bundle

$ 12.00

Get the 12 Special Potions from the Mythic Potions Kickstarter at a favorable price!

The Bundle includes the following items:
– Mimic Potion (incl. plain, hooped version & lid/s)
– Ocean Potion (incl. hooped version & lid/s)
– Potion of Acid (incl. hooped version & lid/s)
– Potion of Animal Friendship (incl. hooped version & lid/s)
– Potion of Flight (incl. hooped version & lid/s)
– Potion of Heroism (incl. lid/s)
– Potion of Invisibility (incl. lid/s)
– Potion of Spider Climb (incl. lid/s)
– Potion of Wish (incl. hooped version & lid/s)

>>>Please note: The product images are not complete due to upload errors. Please use our Mythic Potions Catalogue in the meantime, thank you! 🙂

Also, these potions are also included in the Mythic Potions Complete Bundle 2 – keep that in mind before making a decision!


Files are compressed as .zip-files and needs to be unpacked to retrieve the STL-files.

These are digital STL-files. If you are interested in purchasing physical products, please visit our Mythic Merchants.

A Mythic Potion is designed to be a dice container. If printed on 100% scale it should be easy to fit a regular sized dice into the bottle neck.
The Solid Versions can be used as small handouts to your players to keep track of ingame potions, or scale them down even more and use them to decorate your miniatures!
The amount of dice each bottle can hold varies due to different sizes and shape. But each bottle is able to hold a regular DnD dice set of seven dice.
The Potion Lids are only compatible with the Mythic Potions, but can be screwed into an adapter to fit the Mythic Mugs and Dice Boxes.

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