Mythic Mugs Bundle No. 2

$ 60.00

Get the second batch of mugs in one purchase and safe some coins!

The files are coming in both a threaded version to be used with lids and an unthreaded version.
The Elf is also coming in a split version.
Files are compressed as .zip-files and needs to be unpacked to retrieve the STL-files.

The Bundle includes the following mugs:
The Artificer: 15.6cm
The Demon-Blooded: 15.5cm
The Dragon-Blooded: 15.7cm
The Tavern Mug No.3: 15.2cm
The Dwarf: 18.8cm
The Elf: 20.4cm
The Gadgeteer: 17.2cm
The Gnome: 14cm
The Golem: 17.5cm
The Mimic Dice Tower: 18.4cm
The Necromancer: 19cm
The Halfling: 12.8cm
The Half-Orc: 16.3cm
The Treasure: 16.8cm

These are digital STL-files. If you are interested in purchasing physical products, please visit our Mythic Merchants.
The Mythic Mugs are designed to be can holders and we do NOT recommend anyone to drink directly out of them.

A Mythic Mug will fit a 500ml/16.9oz sized can as standard. By using the removable Mythic Inserts, the mugs are able to further support the following can sizes:
• 473ml / 16.9oz
• 440ml / 12.7oz
• 375ml / 12oz
• 355ml / 12oz
• 355ml / 12oz (sleek)
• 330ml / 11.3oz
• 330ml / 11.3oz (sleek)
• 300ml / 10.1oz
• 250ml / 8.3oz
• 200ml / 6.7oz
• 12oz bottles



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