The Lion’s Brew

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A cozy atmosphere and good company is always promised when visiting a human tavern. A simple design that features a highly detailed lion head with a stern look.

The files  are coming in both a threaded version to be used with lids and an unthreaded version.
This mug also comes in a split version.
Files are compressed as .zip-files and needs to be unpacked to retrieve the STL-files.

These are digital STL-files. If you are interested in purchasing physical products, please visit our Mythic Merchants.
The Mythic Mugs are designed to be can holders and we do NOT recommend anyone to drink directly out of them.

A Mythic Mug will fit a 500ml/16.9oz sized can as standard. By using the removable Mythic Inserts, the mugs are able to further support the following can sizes:
• 473ml / 16.9oz
• 440ml / 12.7oz
• 375ml / 12oz
• 355ml / 12oz
• 355ml / 12oz (sleek)
• 330ml / 11.3oz
• 330ml / 11.3oz (sleek)
• 300ml / 10.1oz
• 250ml / 8.3oz
• 200ml / 6.7oz
• 12oz bottles

1 review for The Lion’s Brew

  1. Arnold Hazenberg (verified owner)

    So, I printed this in PLA, both the mug and the decorated lid and it turned out awesome. Wanted to try the free model first before purchasing other mugs.
    I may have gone a bit overboard with a layerheight of 0.12 and a printtime of 68 hours but he…. 🙂

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